Max-Hervé George

Mr Max is an investor with expertise in real estate, as well as financing and development. With an established track record of over 10 years, he continues to invest across sectors including wellness, medical, hospitality, food & beverage, financial, commercial and residential businesses.

He holds a law degree from the University of Nanterre, France.



Byron Baciocchi

Mr Byron has an established track record of over 10 years in real estate, with particular expertise in construction and end to end project management. He is reputed notably for his work in the luxury hotel and hospitality sectors, including the development and marketing of luxury brands.

Through his years of experience in real estate, Mr Byron is a construction, design and development specialist.


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Jean-Pierre Verlaine

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jean-Pierre Verlaine serves as a board member of a number of Luxembourg regulated investment funds and non-regulated alternative investment funds with special focus on real estate & infrastructure, private equity and debt strategies.

He has more than ten years’ experience as managing director and partner at the European private equity funds advisor J. Hirsch & Co, where he managed over EUR 1 billion in assets.

Mr Verlaine has also been deputy director at Société Européenne de Banque S.A. Luxembourg - Gruppo Banca Intesa, with a strong track record in the alternative funds industry and transaction management (deals origination, acquisition, restructuring, debt raising, financial engineering and fund administration).

He holds degrees from the Business School of Liège, The Belgian Institute of Accountants and Chartered Accountants, and Harvard Business School.


Dany Roizman

Dany Roizman is a founding partner and director of Brainvest Wealth Management in Geneva. Since September 2018 he has served as a member of the advisory board of Sweetwood Capital.

In January 2017 he joined the board of directors of Funding Affordable Homes and in May 2017 he took up a role as a non-executive board member of the advisory board of YL Ventures. In 2015 Mr Roizman joined the board of directors of Varia US Properties AG (VARN:SW) and since 2014 he has been a member of the advisory board of Aina Hospitality- Aina Investment Sicav Sif.

From 1996 to March 2004 Mr Roizman was vice president of JPMorgan, Geneva, Switzerland. During his time as vice president he held assets of over USD 970 million under his management and gained valuable experience in Brazilian, American and European markets.

Mr Roizman holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from PUC (Pontifica Universidade Catolica) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Beat Spoerri

Beat Spoerri has held the position of auditor and director of Tannhauser SA since 1994. He acts as director or liquidator for a number of other Swiss companies. Since 2009 he has also held the position of accountant for Fidraco Fiduciaire SA. Mr Spoerri started his impressive career in finance with an apprenticeship at Swiss Bank Corporation followed by work experience in the UK.

He holds a Federal Diploma in Accounting as well as an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education which distinguishes him as a chartered expert in financial and management accounting and reporting.


Gregorio Perez Tenorio

Gregorio Pérez Tenorio holds the position of global managing director at Stoneweg Group, a real estate management company established in 2015 with headquarters in Geneva. Stoneweg Group structures and manages both direct and indirect real estate mandates and advises on real estate portfolios.

Up until September 2018, Mr Pérez Tenorio worked as managing director at Expert Timing Systems, an investment advisory firm established in 1987 with headquarters in Madrid.

Mr Pérez Tenorio studied at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and successfully obtained his bachelor’s degree as a mining engineer in 2001.

With his dual background in both engineering and investment finance, Mr Pérez Tenorio has acquired over 18 years’ experience in the financial services sector.


Dimitri Waeber

Dimitri Waeber joined Ultima Capital SA when it was founded in 2018, initially as the sole member of the Board of Directors.

In 2018 expanded his portfolio and now holds the position of director in Villa Serenity AG, Villa Pride AG, Limitless Holding SA, and Faith Mountain 2 AG. In addition, he’s been a director of G Sevens Flat AG since 2014, G Sevens AG since 2013, Faith Mountain AG since 2012 and Fidraco Fiduciaire SA since 2011.

Mr Waeber holds a bachelor’s degree in management from the Private University ESM - the School of Management and Communication in Geneva - and a Federal Certificate for Specialisation in Finance and Accounting from Virgile.